Lost in Memories is a documentary by Ruud Lenssen that captures the process of dementia and care his parents are going through. Father Jac has created his own little paradise: an acre of land with horses, chickens and a vegetable garden. The meadow is his life’s work and Jac is determined to continue looking after it. Especially now he has been diagnosed with dementia. The nature and his animals offer Jac comfort and provide grip in an increasingly confusing life.

Mother Ria is concerned about Jac’s decline. The care for her husband is becoming more and more intensive and she must give up parts of her own life. Her feelings of love and caring regularly shift to feelings of frustration and loneliness. Nevertheless, she wants to take care of Jac at home for as long as she can. But while Jac is trying to cling to his paradise, the inevitable farewell is closing in.

Lost in Memories is not only a film about dementia and care, but also a loving story about the impermanence of life.

Directed by: Ruud Lenssen
Length: 71 min.

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Screenings & awards
– IDFA 2019 (NL) | *Nomination Best Dutch Documentary / *Top 15 audience favorites (9.0)
– Limburg Film Festival 2020 (NL) | *Winner Best Feature Length Documentary
– December 26th, 2019 | Theatrical release in The Netherlands in 45+ cinemas *Crystal Film Award
– Official selection One World Filmfestival, Prague, CZ

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