Between Two Worlds is a portrait about the Dutch filmmaker Marijn Poels.
Poels makes 8 short documentaries in 8 different third world countries, every year. In 2011 he won the ‘Peace-price’ in Pakistan for his work in that country.

Documentary filmmaker Ruud Lenssen followed Marijn Poels for one year around the world and back home in Europe. Lenssen tries to discover what influence working in third world countries has on Poels’ life. We also find out what it is that makes Poels so determined to give people in third world countries a voice.

Between Two Worlds is a story about adventure, helplessness, loneliness and risks, but above all an impressive portrait of a man who doesn’t know where he belongs anymore.

Directed by: Ruud Lenssen
Length: 26 min.
Year: 2012


– L1 TV (NL)
– Let’s All Be Free Filmfestival, Londen (UK) * Official openingfilm
– Tvori Gora Filmfestival (RUS)
– AyIFF, Ayvalik (TUR)
– TVL (NL)
– Goed TV (NL)
– Telé Bocal, Parijs (FRA)



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