Ruud Lenssen (Broekhuizenvorst – the Netherlands, March 14th 1986) is an independent filmmaker. With his films he focuses primarily on local social issues. Lenssen always tries to find a personal angle to tell the story. Because personal stories often teach us how to deal with big problems.

After graduating in Rotterdam (NL) at the Willem De Kooning Academy (2010), he received his Masters degree in documentary filmmaking (2016) at the LUCA School of Arts in Genk (BE).

During and after his studies, Lenssen directed several short and mid-length documentaries, including the short Kathem & Chris. It won the Dioraphte Award for best Dutch student film at the Dutch Filmfestival in Utrecht.


Wei (in development) | 2019 | 75 min.

Wreck (in development) | 2019 | 45 min.
Van Osch Films, RTV Rijnmond, Mediafonds

Homeland | 2018 | 45 min.
* Nomination Best Documentary, Limburg Film Festival

Floor |2018 | 33 min.
* Nomination Best Short Documentary, Limburg Film Festival

De Baersdonck | 2018 | 37 min.
Screened on L1 TV.

Normal People | 2017 | 25 min.
PJP Film & tv-producties, screened on L1 TV.

Wandern | 2017 | 25 min.
Limburg Film Festival

FC Polska | 2016 | 50 min.
Hans Heijnen Films, L1 TV, Mediafonds.

Common Sense | 2013 | 55 min.
Screened on L1 TV.

Between Two Worlds | 2012 | 26 min.
*Openingfilm LABFF, Londen.

Kathem & Chris | 2010 | 12 min.
* Winner Dioraphte Award, Dutch Filmfestival Utrecht.

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