Growing up as a shy kid in a small village, Ruud Lenssen (Broekhuizenvorst – the Netherlands, 1986) naturally learned the art of observing. But it took until his studies at the film academies of Rotterdam, the Netherlands (WdKA 2007-2010) and Genk, Belgium (LUCA School of Arts 2013-2016, master’s degree, graduated with honors) before he really knew how to give expression to this. His love for the documentary genre was inevitable.

The lessons of his youth manifest themselves in all films by Ruud Lenssen because of the observing style, but also through the choice of socially relevant themes that he portrays in a modest and personal way. After all, it is often those personal stories that provide insight into how to deal with the major issues of life.


Lost in Memories | 2019 | 71 min.

De Zes van Zaerum | 2019 | 48 min.

The Myth of the Lake | 2019 | 40 min.
Van Osch Films, RTV Rijnmond, Mediafonds

Homeland | 2018 | 45 min.
* Nomination Best Documentary, Limburg Film Festival

Floor |2018 | 33 min. | co-director Marijn Poels
* Nomination Best Short Documentary, Limburg Film Festival

De Baersdonck | 2018 | 37 min.
Screened on L1 TV.

Normal People | 2017 | 25 min.
PJP Film & tv-producties, screened on L1 TV.

Wandern | 2017 | 25 min.
Limburg Film Festival

FC Polska | 2016 | 50 min.
Hans Heijnen Films, L1 TV, Mediafonds.

Common Sense | 2013 | 55 min.
Screened on L1 TV.

Between Two Worlds | 2012 | 26 min.
* Openingfilm LABFF, Londen.

Kathem & Chris | 2010 | 12 min.
Screened on NPO 2 doc.
* Winner Dioraphte Award, Dutch Filmfestival Utrecht.

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